Anyone can read the regulations, but applying them requires specialist expertise. Understanding boundaries and context arguments and the wealth of viable interpretations and perceptions of a scene, let alone a show, can leave some in a hot confused sweat.

EBBC is experienced managing compliance of a diverse range of channels and content, from real life crime like Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Gangs of Britain and Crimes that Shook Britain, reality shows such as Britain’s Next Top Model and Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison, to drama such as Vikings and Roots.

Whatever the content, editorial and commercial, EBBC can advise and ensure your content is creatively complied, from original productions, acquired library, promos, clips, sponsorship, advertising, linear and OTT.


When you are working on content ideas and new business initiatives EBBC can give advice and guidance on new shows or business ideas prior to green light.

EBBC has years of experiencing advising and recommending steps to ensure compliance ahead of progressing and scoping out. Maybe you want to launch a new feed in a different territory or a new OTT service, and need to work through different regulatory requirements, or you’re producing a show that needs to air under varying regulations. Maybe you just want assistance understanding the compliance considerations on a new show you want to pitch, or your budget constraints mean you need to understand the research requirements and likely compliance pitfalls ahead of green light. Or maybe you want to start doing product placement and need to understand how best to make this work and how to seamlessly integrate brands effectively whilst remaining compliant.

No matter the content or idea, whether it’s pre-production or post production, advice on specific shots, creative ideas or the storyboard, or operationally how to ensure regulatory business considerations are accounted for on a new service or channel launch, EBBC has the experience to help you.