Whether it’s a new TV network, a new regulatory framework to adopt, risk management, a need to review current processes following regulatory problems, or simply for future growth or cost saving, EBBC can help.

Changes to regulatory obligations due to business growth or a change in strategy can be a real minefield for compliance teams and service providers. The need to maintain efficiency while still remaining compliant is a real challenge. Ensuring processes are flexible and future proofed as far as reasonable practical means continually assessing and improving, often with the aid of technology to support complex operations.

Risk management is very important when building, maintaining or revising processes. You need to be able to prove to the regulator that you understand the risks in the content your compliance, edit and media management teams handle, that your due diligence allows for creative compliance and your processes are robust enough to argue judgement or justified human error rather than system error.



If you are outsourcing or establishing a new compliance department then EBBC can review, scope out and help implement large-scale projects of this kind. We also provide RFP, RFI and or contractual assistance.

If you’re considering big changes in your business and need to consider outsourcing as an option, Emma has experience designing the RFP, conducting review meetings, assessing providers and making recommendations for next steps. she also has experience in the outsourcing project and associated change management, from internal process changes and system design to restructures and TUPE.