Businesses are always changing and evolving and in broadcasting, this has never been more so than in recent years. Technological advancements and the rise of OTT services have meant that broadcasters, broadcast service providers, distributors and producers need to consistently stay one step ahead of their competition and seek new and innovative ways to increase revenue and minimise operational overheads.

Change is always a difficult topic to navigate in any business; some embrace it, others hate it, but no matter the change, ripples are always felt across a business and the impact to people and in turn output, can be significant if not handled appropriately.

EBBC can help review, scope and implement new business initiatives as well as large scale strategic change projects. Below are just some of the projects Emma has managed over the years –

  • Building a cross discipline department
  • Restructures
  • Outsourcing a department
  • Channel launches / new territory launches
  • VOD / OTT launches
  • Initiating processes for all content types including original productions and commercial content
  • Product Placement / Virtual Product Placement
  • System updates / changes e.g. tape to file, SD to HD, asset and channel management system analysis and rollout
  • Migration from tape to file
  • Migration from SD to HD
  • Localisation
  • Day and Date TX (i.e. aligning TX with the premiere of the same show, in a different territory usually. Mainly with dramas and often requiring localisation as well)
  • Cross Platform marketing of highly contentious content