Whether it’s for people with no relevant knowledge, a refresher for compliance/editorial staff, ad sales teams or producers, EBBC offers interactive training seminars, tailored to your needs and content.

We pride ourselves on creating and delivering engaging thought provoking seminars, that rather than bore the attendees as can unfortunately can sometimes be the perception with compliance training, we engage them, involve them and even have them laughing! Tailored to your needs, we can train on any area you would like and focus in any direction, for example compliance for a scheduling department can be tailored specifically towards their challenges and role responsibilities, which would be different to a refresher course for a compliance professional, or a sales focussed seminar for a commercial team.

A talented trainer, with glowing references from countless trainees, Emma is able to capture attention and bring the often-dull subject of broadcast compliance to life,  ensuring attendees are engaged and in turn, benefit more from the training.

A few examples of the types of seminars which can be done:


For experienced compliance professionals or those who have had significant training already, a light interactive refresher seminar, covering as much or as little as you’d prefer.


If you’re entirely new to compliance or broadcasting and need the broad strokes, a beginner’s session will make a huge difference.


Tailored to specific challenges and needs. In addition to compliance teams, Emma has trained schedulers, editors, audio engineers, commercial teams, presentation scheduling teams, programming, digital media, PR, marketing, creative producers, media management, producers, even HR and finance!


If you’re selling content and or services, it’s important you know what you can and can’t sell and why. This seminar can introduce you to broadcast regulation and the things to consider as well as what’s expected when selling technology, services or content.


Have regulations just changed or are they about to change? Do you need to understand how to interpret and navigate the changes? We can hone in on specific changes, give clarity and ensure you reap all potential benefits.


A seminar specifically focussed on the minefield that is product placement, undue prominence, and commercial arrangements in programming generally.


If sponsorship, competitions and or teleshopping are revenue streams you want to seek, ensuring your business understands the do’s and don’ts is critical to success.


Navigating the minefield of sections 8 and 9 of the code, not to mention the intrinsically linked defamation and libel laws that can also result from poor compliance, it can be a challenge for producers and broadcasters alike, to create boundary pushing content that isn’t just boring and safe. Understanding the risks and level of diligence is incredibly important for all productions, but if you’re working with real life documentaries, even more so. I spent 10 years working on real life crime shows, many of which were UK crimes. I’ve had an array of difficult cases to navigate and prevented law suits by spotting defamation issues. this seminar is for anyone who works on or produces content.


As a producer, there’s a wealth of compliance considerations to adhere to and manage. From pre-production through to deliver, there’s compliance necessities at every stage. If you have staff who need a refresher or you’re a new programme maker who needs to understand the pitfalls, EBBC has train through all the general considerations as well as some of the nuanced considerations which apply when dealing with vulnerable contributors or dangerous situations.