Are you an established or aspiring Broadcaster, Broadcast Service Provider, Programme Maker, Distributor, Content Handler or Regulator? We work with anyone who works with content and any company where content is at the heart.

Do you or your organisation need to stay one step ahead of the minefield that is Broadcast Compliance and Regulatory Affairs? Regulations are fairly straight forward to read but nuanced in their interpretation, and interpretation is everything. We can ‘translate’ the regulations for you and advise on how to apply them, which is the most important aspect to get right.

Do you have a team/s who need Broadcast Compliance Training on new areas of regulation, or simply a refresher course? Do your sales team know what they’re selling and whether the idea will be broadcast compliant? we offer bespoke compliance training.

Are your processes fit for purpose and defendable against the regulator if it came to it? We offer reviews of current processes, and creation of new ones.

Do you want to grow or establish your Broadcast Compliance Services? We can scope out and roll out your project, helping create and integrated process and system requirements

Do you need help with RFI / RFPs to clients and understanding what clients will expect from Compliance Service Providers? We have experience managing differing relationships with clients and responding to and drafting RFI/RFPs.

Are you launching new channels or services and need to know what to consider, understand compliance obligations and how to manage increased volumes? We can help scope out and launch your new channel.

Are you making a new show and want to ensure you remain compliant? We can advise from pre-production onwards on new show ideas, scripts, shooting through to post tx.

Have you just been found in breach and don’t know what to do next? We can help guide you in responding to the regulator and what internal changes to make.

Do you have sufficient Compliance Expertise to justify and argue content and protect the business from Regulatory or Legal Proceedings if required? We offer varying services according to requirements including ad hoc escalation.

Are you eager to seek new revenue streams and need to understand the pitfalls of Commercial Content so you don’t fall foul of the rules? We offer compliance training as well as ad hoc escalation and drafting internal policy documents.