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Hey, I’m Emma and I’m a Brand and Lifestyle Photographer.

Born and raised in Manchester

I’m full of that good old northern friendliness. Born in Stockport, I’ve lived in Manchester most of my life; it will always be home for me and it helps inspire a lot of my work.

Capturing moments that would otherwise go unseen

I’ve taken photos since I was a little girl, back when we had to wait to develop our film to see how a shot had come out. I spent many years working in TV and corporate business before taking the leap into professional photography. I love my life as a photographer, meeting so many people with wonderful stories, helping bring their lives and values to life, and capturing candid moments that would otherwise go unseen.

For me photography isn’t just taking a picture, it’s freezing moments in time, capturing memories and the authenticity of a person. This is how I want to showcase you and your journey; to help you shout proudly about your business and arm you with a bank of images and content that allow you more time to focus on other areas of your business and ultimately, build your brand and client base.

My Photography

Brand & Lifestyle
Events & Weddings
Family &

Personal Brand Photography

Are you short of time but want to grow your brand awareness and gain more clients?
Personal Branding

Lifestyle + Interiors Photography

Does your business sell a lifestyle choice, or products that need photographing?
Lifestyle & Interiors

Family + Newborn Photography

Would you like to capture cherished family moments or the arrival of your newborn?
Family & Newborns

Other Projects

Check out my street and city work, as well as other projects such as events and parties. Prints are for sale!
Other Projects
  • Working with Emma was great! She made the whole process so easy, she totally understood what we needed as a brand and the shoot was really relaxed and fun! We loved the final images, as did Head Office. We'll definitely be using Emma again in the future and would absolutely recommend her.

    Alan Ryan, Bo-Concept Manchester
  • Emma is a creative and inspirational photographer. she captures the beauty in any photograph. Her work is outstanding. She is also so much fun to work with! She brings energy in bucket loads and makes sure everyone feels at ease. She’s super flexible and adaptable even when challenges occur, and wastes no time coming up with a plan B. We’ll definitely be using Emma again and would highly recommend her!

    Jan, Blemish Clinic
  • Emma has done most of my photography for my personal Instagram account for a few years now. She knows me very well and how particular I am, and she always manages to put me at ease and get the shot. It’s usually extra ‘fun’ with little Lola in shots too, she’s my miniature poodle. I wouldn’t have anyone else take my photos.

    Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia
  • Emma captures Manchester in a remarkable way. The prints we have been selling (at the gallery) have been especially popular with our collectors and Emma has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Joe, Smolensky Gallery
  • "For me photography isn’t just taking a picture, it’s freezing moments in time, capturing memories and the authenticity of a person."

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    Capturing candid and authentic moments that would otherwise go unseen.

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