May 16, 2022

Social Media Time Saving Hacks

Posting consistently on social media takes a LOT of time, doesn’t it?

I’ve had many weeks where I’ve felt like I’ve spent most of my time just creating posts/reels and engaging on Instagram. Let’s face it, we absolutely need to do it, but it shouldn’t be consuming huge chunks of our time every single day when we have so many other things in our business to work on. I’m yet to meet a business owner who doesn’t agree that it takes a lot of time to consistently post and think up ideas for what to post; it usually eats into personal lives too, and some just abandon it entirely because they just don’t have the time! Add to this the time we need to spend on very necessary engagement and before we know it, we’re spending hours a day on social media just to ensure our content is seen! There’s no doubt it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grow and be visible on some platforms, which means spending even more time engaging, so how on earth do we win some time back? So in this week’s blog I’m giving you some tips on how to save time planning, so you can still post consistently and hopefully also reduce some stress!

  1. Schedule a slot each week to plan your posts for the week; I schedule 2 hours. You could also schedule a monthly slot to plan a month in advance, depending on your content strategy and business goals. Have your ‘14 day Social Media Post Ideas’ document to hand to do this! If you’ve not downloaded this yet, you can access it by entering your name and email below.
  2. Try and capture important dates so you can post about them, eg mental health awareness week, pancake day, etc. There's lots of great monthly plans full of key dates out there, I'll be sharing some soon as well.
  3. Write out your captions in advance, when you're planning your posts - I find this very helpful especially when I'm having a busy day and don't have time to spend half an hour working out my caption. 
  4. Save a list of hashtags in your notes on your phone/something accessible, so you can pick from them when posting, or even better, just copy and paste - a massive time-saver! 

I hope these tips are helpful for you and have helped you see there are some simple little ways to save some time. I’ll be posting lots more about social media and how to get the most out of it, so stay tuned for more.. 

Lots of love

Emma x

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